What is Maker Faire?

Maker Faire is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Maker Faire is a venue for these "makers" to show hobbies, experiments, projects.

We call it the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth - a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Glimpse the future and get inspired!

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Festival Map


1 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Holographic Technology Exhibit and Photo Booth

2 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory 3D Printing

3 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Arcade

4 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Doodle Pens

5 University of Maryland Makerspace Initiative

6 Exploration Commons at 50 East

7 Designs By All Handmade Hand-Painted Wood Flowers and Magic Wands

8 LoThEMaR Opals Custom Wire Wrapping

9 Additive Manufacturing Program at Howard Community College

10 All things 3D

11 Home of Agape

12 Mr. B’s 3Ds

13 Cosplay Crafting with Becky Taka and Spooky Usagi

14 Circuit Breaker Labs

15 Punimals

16 SPF Maker Club Solar Monitoring

17 Unallocated Space Plasma Speaker

18 Learn Binary with BLT

19 Tug of Peace


21 Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks

22 Cardboard City

23 Imagination Playground

24 Portrait Painting with J. Flowers

25 Fancy Bows and More

26 Amira’s Corner

27 Live Canvas and Bottle Painting

28 Cosplay LEDs with M42SC

29 Model Rockets Made Easy

30 BNV Remodeling and Repurposed Furniture

31 MACRObot

32 Blacksmith Bottle Opener

33 Kona Ice

34 Althea’s Almost Famous

35 Bullhead Pit Beef

36 Po Boy Jim

37 Calypso & Roux

38 Pinot’s Palette

39 Stemtree

40 Homewood Center Handmade Goods

41 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Button Maker

42 Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Laser Cutting

43 Idea Light Bulbs by Idea Lab Kids

44 Blended Desserts

45 Howard County Library System – DIY Education Center + Makerspace

47 Bringing Back The Books

48 Happy Little Paper Co.

49 Curated By Asho

50 Stone Setting Without Soldering

51 Monster Momma Shoppe

52 Silhouettes By Hand – Traditional Scissor-Cut Silhouette Portraits

53 Howard County Historical Society: From Research to Exhibit

54 Lydia Peters Artist

55 Handmade Jewelery

56 Talking Arduino Powered RC Knight Rider KITT With Touchscreen Control

57 A.L.S.O. PrettyInPaint

58 Mathnasium of Columbia’s “Architect’s Delight”

59 Painting with Aisha