Be a Maker!

Downtown Columbia Mini Maker Faire 2019:

Event Date: October 13, 2019

Location: The Chrysalis, Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods 

Application Schedule

Rolling Round:   Closes October 1 at 11:59pm EDT or when all spaces are filled.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

To Apply:
Fill out the application form here.  Email with any questions.

Corporate entities and/or established companies can visit our Sponsor Page or contact

Please Note

    • Details and descriptions of the entry categories can be found below.
    • You can fill out more than one application in one or more categories.
    • Before starting your application, select a quality photo of your project and yourself.
    • You will be able to edit your completed application using the Maker Faire Portal. A unique link will be sent to you after submitting your application.
    • Makers with commercial interests are asked to pay an exhibit fee of $250.  Makers who primarily have a hands-on activity but wish to market their services may apply for a reduced exhibit fee on a case by case basis.

Entry Information

Immediately after submitting your application, you will be sent an Application Received confirmation email with your Exhibit Name and ID number. If you have not received this email, contact

We particularly encourage exhibits that are innovative, interactive and that highlight the process of making things.

Here are just some of the topics that we’re looking for:

    • Robotics
    • Cosplay and Costumes
    • Homegrown Drones
    • Design and Fabrication (both digital and analog)
    • Science, Biology/Biotech, and Chemistry Projects
    • Virtual and Augmented Reality
    • Interactive, Kinetic Art Projects (tabletop to large-scale)
    • Craft (all kinds)
    • E-Textiles and Wearables
    • Shelters (tiny homes, tents, domes, etc.)
    • Sustainability & Green Tech
    • Innovative Food Makers (not concessionaires, more info below)
    • Radios, Vintage Computers and Game Systems
    • Electric and Alternative-Energy Vehicles
    • Puppets, Kites, Toys and Other Whimsical Creations
    • Music Performances and Participation
    • Unusual Tools or Machines
    • How to Fix Things or Take them Apart (vacuums, clocks, washing machines, etc.)

Entry Form Photo Information

When applying, you are required to provide a project (or presentation) photo and a bio photo. Please have these ready before you start your application. The image file should be at least 500px wide or larger and you must have rights to the image used. This image will be the public imaged used relating to your exhibit content. Logos and low-res photos do not work well. For example photos go here.

Other Ways to Participate at Maker Faire

Crafters: If you are an indie crafter, and your primary intent is to sell your products at Maker Faire, please email

What Happens Next

After applying, we will send an email confirming that we have received your entry form. If you don’t receive this email, let us know: Acceptances are sent via email approximately 2 months before the show. Once accepted, please check out the Toolkit and other information provided to begin to plan for your participation.

Have questions about the logistics of participating in Maker Faire? Please see our Maker Toolkit.

We look forward to seeing you at Downtown Columbia Mini Maker Faire!